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Úroveň 1

Level 1 of Novakid program is designed for children from 6 to 7 years. In a fun and engaging way students significantly expand their vocabulary and master the basic grammatical structures. They begin to read in English, understand questions addressed to him.

  • Communication skills

    By the end of Level 0 students able to:

    • have a simple conversation: say their name and age, answer the question "How are you?"
    • speak about their family, toys and items in the classroom
    • describe their appearance and clothes
    • speak about their preferences
    • tell what is in their room
    • tell about the location of items
    • talk about what they can or can not do
    • tell the time
    • count to 20
  • Vocabulary

    Students expand vocabulary on the following topics:

    • classroom
    • face parts
    • emotions
    • household items
    • family members
    • numbers
    • food
    • colors
    • furniture
    • action verbs
    • seasons
    • toys
    • days of the week
    • clothes
  • Grammar

    Level 1 grammar includes the following definitions and structures:

    • this / that / these / those
    • there is / there are
    • I am / you are / he is / she is / it is / etc.
    • possessive forms (This is Bill's cup, This is Anns watch)
    • have got / haven't got / has got / hasn't got (I have got a sister, She hasn't got a toy car)
    • like and don't like
    • there is / there are
    • can / can't
    • using lowercase and capital letters with names of people, days of the week, at the beginning of the sentence
  • Listening comprehension

    Students will be able to understand the teacher speech based on the learned words and grammar.

  • Reading

    Students know the English alphabet and confidently read words consisting of 1-2 syllables.